Larkspur, San Francisco :: Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 2,000 Sq/f

Tiburon, San Francisco :: Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 2,000 Sq./ft.

Stacee Christen in Belvedere, CA on Houzz

Cole Valley, San Francisco :: Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 3,000 Sq./ft.

Hillsborough :: Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 6,500 Sq./ft.

Inner Richmond, San Francisco, CA :: Residence

Type: Residential
size: 900 Sq./ft.

A Hippie-chic client with an impressive collection of Fillmore concert posters, reflecting her passion for music. 

Kentfield, California :: Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 2,800 Sq./ft.

Ross Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 5,000 Sq./ft.

When an Ivy league head of industry marries a Zen Center spiritual beauty, the design process for their primary residence is ripe with life experience, experimentation and good tension.  Listening deeply to the commonalities, as well as the differences, formed a colorful conceptual picture unique to their family story.

Christen Interiors was diligent about understanding our lifestyle and our needs as a family and a couple and presenting us with various choices that matched our budget.
— Boyer Stein / Ross Residence

Seemingly like the other traditional surrounding estates, the entrance reveals a different story. Greeted with uplifting colors of fuchsia and orange lacquer boxes, the design nods to the future while an image of the past, a California Indian, recognizes the native American history of the area.  

The dining room gradient walls of cyan blue and giant peacock photography transport dinner guests out of the conservative, affluent neighborhood into a vacation state of mind.  

The living room masculine grey tones cohabiting with the playful yellow B&B Italia chaise lounge, the purple dining areas and the orange accents keep the guest engaged in an unfolding color story. As you take in the magnificent views, the man made color story of CMYK provides a backdrop to the incredible surrounding natural beauty.

San Francisco, CA :: Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 3,000 Sq./ft.

St. Francis Wood, San Francisco :: Residence

Project Type: Residential
Size: 2,000Sq/f

Three-fold project challenge: converting a catch all living room into an attractive, usable family room, transforming a dining room into a homework, storage, dining, entertaining environment and creating a concept reflecting their unique family style. The conceptual design embraced the family's rich Irish San Francisco tradition by incorporating new luxurious emerald greens tones and textures with old treasured art and heirlooms passed down through the generations.