The moment I met her, I knew we were going to work well together. She is both professional and personable at the same time. She took a genuine interest in getting to know me and my husband, and she masterfully blended our tastes to achieve an amazing result that we both love. She gets her projects done smoothly and efficiently and sources out to reliable contractors with whom she has developed relationships. On a design level, I was amazed at her creative solutions for problems that I could have never thought of on my own. As we worked together, she was able to create exactly what my husband and I wanted, balancing our varied tastes. I also love the fact that she created beautiful rooms while keeping within our budget. Her European training gives her a critical eye with an ability to bend the rules for an amazing result. My husband and I feel truly blessed to have found her. Our house has been transformed into a home where we enjoy spending time with our family.
— Anne M. - San Francisco Residence - California
Stacee Christen is a gifted designer. When you work begin to work with her, you quickly understand she is more interested in coming up with designs that work for you then in convincing you her choices are the best. When you see her renderings and she presents samples, colors, and the rationale for her recommendations, you realize she has the skills and confidence to handle every aspect of your project, including serving as your agent to choose and work with suppliers. But it is when you see the final product that you understand you could not have made a better choice than to entrust your project to Stacee Christen.
— Mike and Mary Romo, California
Stacee has a keen eye for unique and beautiful designs. She was persistent and determined to try to meet our tastes and our differences within our budget. She was diligent about understanding our lifestyle and our needs as a family and a couple and presenting us with various choices that matched our budget. Her patience was unwavering with the many times I had to postpone projects and change things in mid course. She did everything with a smile, a sense of humor and professionalism. Although our home design is still a work in progress, Stacee has turned several of our rooms into a work of art.
— Boyer S. - Ross Residence - California